//post-release patch 1


  • players who have not yet set a score no longer show up in the leaderboards
  •  enemy health and player damage no longer scale with level, just enemy damage and player health. the other way around was boring.
  •  reduced degree to which levels get bigger as the game goes on to reduce lag
  • incorporated a bug where sometimes rooms wouldn't show up right leading to levels with big holes to the void in them into the design
  • changed design of signup screen

You won't be able to set scores from the old version anymore, obviously. Also, leaderboards have been wiped.


nullpointer_release_patch_1_windows_x64.zip 19 MB
Aug 18, 2017
nullpointer_release_patch_1_windows_x86.zip 18 MB
Aug 18, 2017
nullpointer_release_patch_1_linux.tar.zip 32 MB
Aug 18, 2017
nullpointer_release_patch_1_mac.tar.zip 32 MB
Aug 18, 2017

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question, does the full version have more enemies then this demo ? also what else is changed or new ? this game seems really fun 

There is a new enemy, two new weapons, some changed mechanics, a somewhat different visual aesthetic, and a whole lot of polish in the full version.

online leaderboards ?

yes there are now online leaderboards.