//post-release patch 2


  • (hopefully) fixed bug where on linux (and possibly mac) players would have to re-enter their username and settings every time they launched the game.
  • fixed bug where firing the railgun into the void would cause the laser to point towards whatever object it had most recently hit

You won't be able to set scores from the old versions anymore, obviously. Also the leaderboards have again been wiped. 

Unless there is a catastrophic bug discovered, this will likely be the last patch. 


nullpointer_release_patch_2_windows_x64.7z 15 MB
Sep 04, 2017
nullpointer_release_patch_2_linux.tar.gz 32 MB
Sep 04, 2017
nullpointer_release_patch_2_windows_x86.7z 14 MB
Sep 04, 2017
nullpointer_release_patch_2_mac.tar.gz 31 MB
Sep 04, 2017

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Fun stuff man, which there was something else more threatening late game, it kinda flattens out  so you can go forever i think. When to for 34 then killed myself with 25025 points. leaderboards say 24 instead of 34 by the way ;) but deff a neat game would like more of this or more games like this !